It seems that there should be a set of walking rules just as there is for driving. On an recent trip to Las Vegas I had an awful experience just trying to get from one place to another. The following is a list of “offenses” that really should be addressed:

  1. Stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. You are NOT the only person on the street! if you have to stop, then move to the side of the sidewalk! Really! it’s just called being courteous!
  2. Walking as if you don’t see any other people. Again, this is just plain rude. As a larger person, it would be easy for me to knock your ass over just because you ACT like you don’t see me. I understand that sometimes people are preoccupied, but come on.. I know you looked the other way just because you want me to go around you.
  3. Walking on the left side of the sidewalk. Just as with traffic. If there were organization in walking patterns we won’t be dancing every time we meet.  because you feel it’s your right to be anywhere you want.
  4. Walking aimlessly. If you don’t know where you are going, the get out of the way and figure it out! How am I supposed to know what you are doing if you don’t know yourself?
  5. Walking while texting. Really? If you’ve ever wondered why some people get mugged, hit by cars and other disasters, just watch these people! They are totally oblivious to everything around them. Because they are on their phones, they must feel as if they don’t have to have the responsibility of being courteous to others.
  6. Stopping/having a conversation in the doorway/middle of the sidewak. This is just plain stupid! What is so important that you can’t move 3 feet in any direction? Are you really that important? or a better question, What makes you think that someone else is not on their cell phone and may not walk into you?
  7. Stepping out into the street waiting for a bus/cab. Just because you can see it, isn’t going to make it come any faster. you are just putting yourself at risk of some other idiot that is not paying attention. Only this time, they are in a 4,000 lb. vehicle.
  8. Walking very slowly. While this is not an infraction by itself, it should be noted that if you are walking slower than normal people, just move to the right and keep your pace. let faster traffic get around you.
  9. Walking in pairs/groups. Again not an infraction by itself, but when I am walking in my group, I want to walk alongside my partner just as you do; not only that but while walking alongside your partner you have a three foot gap between you. Should I split between the two of you? That would make me the rude person. Why do I have to make that decision?  To make it fair, why not just walk, single file, or double lane(in both directions) while in a group instead of trying to gangster the sidewalk. it would be easy to play chicken with you because neither of us wants to be courteous!
  10. Walking too fast. A crowded walkway is not the ideal situation for power walking. if you are in a hurry either; A. you should have planned better, or B., walk as far to the left as possible (just as cars do) or C., maybe find a different mode of transportation rather than trying to bulldoze your way through thousands of people.

This especially applies to people in the grocery stores, who leave their shopping carts perpendicular in the isles as if no one else should have the right to shop until you are finished.

All of these rules spell out something that is long gone in our society; courtesy — Everyone is only for themselves. I wish I were the walking police so I could ticket people just for being rude. I could single handedly balance the city’s budget. Maybe have them attend some “walking seminars or something”. If the violations continue, they could be required to paint the “walking rules” signs.

Let us know your thoughts on this matter. it would be fun to hear.

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